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Open AWS is a compilation of current open source guides available on AWS which makes contributing to this project a little different than contributing to a normal guide.

Open AWS is formatted and published using Dendron, an open source knowledge management platform that helps people create, build, and collaborate on knowledge.

Dendron makes it possible to curate and remix information from existing sources.

The guide that you see here is generated using the aws seeds package. You can follow the instructions below to add information from additional sources

  • see if the guide covers something that is already on our roadmap
    • if yes, check the corresponding issue to see if anyone has started working on the issue
      • if no one has claimed the issue, feel free to claim it by posting in the issue
      • once you have finished with the issue, publish it to github and update the issue and submit a merge request
    • if no, send us a seed request
      • you can see an example here