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Fargate Basics

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  • Fargate allows you to manage and deploy containers without having to worry about running the underlying compute infrastructure
  • Fargate serves as a new backend (in addition to the legacy EC2 backend) on which ECS and EKS tasks can be run
  • Fargate and EC2 backends are called "Launch Types"
  • Fargate allows you to treat containers as fundamental building blocks of your infrastructure

Fargate Tips

  • Fargate follows a similar mindset to Lambda, which lets you focus on applications, instead of dealing with underlying infrastructure
  • Fargate is supported by CloudFormation, aws-cli and ecs-cli
  • Fargate tasks can be launched alongside tasks that use EC2 Launch Type
  • πŸ’ΈBefore creating a large Fargate deployment, make sure to estimate costs and compare them against alternative solution that uses traditional EC2 deployment - Fargate prices can be several times those of equivalently-sized EC2 instances. To evaluate both solutions based on potential costs, refer to pricing for EC2 and Fargate.

Fargate Alternatives and Lock-in

  • πŸšͺAzure Container Instances: Available on Microsoft Azure in preview version, allows to run applications in containers without having to manage virtual machines

Fargate Gotchas and Limitations