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Mobile Hub

Mobile Hub Basics

  • Mobile Hub orchestrates multiple services to create an AWS backend for mobile and web applications.
  • Each project in Mobile Hub has one backend made up of configurable features, plus one or more applications.
  • Features include Analytics, Cloud Logic, Conversational Bots, Hosting and Streaming, NoSQL Database, User Data Storage and User Sign-In. Each feature uses one or two services to deliver a chunk of functionality.
  • Services used include API Gateway, CloudFront, Cognito, Device Farm, DynamoDB, Lambda, Lex, Pinpoint and S3.
  • Application SDKs exist for Android (Java), iOS (Swift), Web (JS) and React Native (JS). There is also a CLI for JavaScript applications.

Mobile Hub Tips

  • The Mobile Hub console has starter kits and tutorials for various app platforms.
  • The CLI allows local development of Lambda code (JS by default) with awsmobile {pull|push} commands, to sync from cloud to folder, and back again.
  • Mobile Hub itself is free, but each of the services has its own pricing model.

Mobile Hub Gotchas and Limitations

  • πŸ”ΈThe Cloud API feature allows importing an existing Lambda function instead of defining a new one, but there are some rough edges with the CLI. Check the GitHub issues.
  • ❗Mobile Hub uses CloudFormation under the covers, and gets confused when a service is changed outside of the Mobile Hub console.