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Simple Email Service

SES Basics

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  • SES (or Simple Email Service) is a service that exposes SMTP endpoints for your application to directly integrate with.

SES Tips

  • 🔹Bounce Handling: Make sure you handle this early enough. Your ability to send emails can be removed if SES sees too many bounces.
  • 🔹Credentials: Many developers get confused between SES credentials and AWS API keys. Make sure to enter SMTP credentials while using the SMTP APIs.

SES Gotchas and Limitations

  • 🔸Internet Access: SES SMTP endpoints are on the Internet and will not be accessible from a location without Internet access (e.g. a private subnet without NAT gateway route in the routing table). In such a case, set up an SMTP relay instance in a subnet with Internet access and configure your application to send emails to this SMTP relay instance rather than SES. The relay should have a forwarding rule to send all emails to SES). ❗If you are using a proxy instead of a NAT, confirm that your proxy service supports SMTP.